Newly Renovated Homes

Newly Renovated Homes are tailored to YOUR taste!

Purchasing one of our Newly Renovated Homes allows you a vast choice in: Color Carpets • Flooring • Kitchen Tiles • Color Counters • And More!

With 20 years of experience our team of renovation experts have produced more than 500 newly renovated homes for first time homebuyers. Each newly renovated home is unique, and buyers help determine the final design through the choices listed above. By the time you pick up the keys to your newly renovated home, it is truly yours by design!

Newly Renovated Homes: Before and After Video
Newly Renovated Homes: What Buyers Say
Newly Renovated Homes:  Kitchens

Newly Renovated Homes: Bathrooms
Newly Renovated Homes: Living Space