Mtg Ready Program

Are you stuck in the rental trap?  Year after year paying rent with nothing to show for all your hard work except building your landlords equity.  Every now and then does it dawn on you that you are stuck.  You have a good job with the ability to save money but your not sure where to begin.  You have had some financial problems in the past but that shouldn’t mean you should be sentenced to a life of renting.  You could spend hours upon hours going in circles trying to figure it out yourself only to find its TMI.  Now there is the mortgage ready program at PhiladelphiaHouse.Com.

The Mortgage Ready Program takes you by the hand and walks you through the process from the beginning all the way to the end of you becoming a homeowner.  We sit down with you and go over your particular financial situation.  Then we come up with a customized plan tailored toward what you need to do to become a homeowner.  That’s not it…… We then get you to take action in following up with that plan by building you a portal which has you accomplish each task in your plan one step at a time.  The process is so good  that lenders have partnered with us with the understanding that they will approve the mortgage of any one who completes their customized plan.  How’s that for motivation?  All this avoids you having to suffer from TMI(Too Much Information) and not knowing if what you are doing is going to work.

When you are close to getting approved your agent will call you up and go over where you would like to live and what size house you are looking for.  He will then go over with you that neighborhoods market conditions and line up properties for you to view than can be purchased and renovated to your customized taste and the lenders standards.  That’s right you get to customized your house picking out your color carpets, counter-tops, and tile.  How’s that for the ultimate customized plan?!

Get out of the rental trap by signing up for the Mortgage Ready Process.  Click on the link to schedule an appointment or call to speak to one of our buyer specialist.




Stop making your landlord rich off of your hard earned money and start yourself on the road to home ownership by signing up for the “Mortgage Ready Process”.